Our Story

CBD Pharma was born in 2017, with a vision to enable access to high quality and affordable medicinal cannabis products for every Australian who would benefit from its therapeutic use. CBD Pharma imports and supplies S4 and S8 medicinal cannabis products through the Special Access Scheme and the Authorised Prescriber Scheme.

Supply Chain

Our products are sourced from key established networks across Europe, including companies in Switzerland, Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Spain.

We provide our customers with a range of medicinal cannabis products and services. We specialise in the provision of:

– Bulk API sourcing and importing
– Private/White label production
– Cannabis seed sourcing and genetic consultation


 CBD/CBG isolate
– THC resin/distillate
– CBD/THC tinctures and capsules
– CBD water solubles; and
– CBD distillate vaporisers
– CBD cosmetics
– Cannabis seeds


We work to supply cannabis products at all stages of the supply chain, from raw inputs to fully manufactured products.  Our products comply with Australian pharmaceutical requirements, including TGO93 and TGO100.

Our products are verified by a certificate of analysis in Europe and in Australia.